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Living Wall Garden

Are you wanting to create a Living wall garden? Have you got blank walls just crying out for a hanging wall garden or wall pockets for plants?

Then you need our Vertical Garden Planters!

In South Africa, Vertical Veg (Pty) Ltd is the supplier of beautiful artisanal Vertical Garden Planters, specially made for the person who wants to grow vertical veggies and herbs in their own home. Manufactured in Cape Town from a geotextile fabric, our pocket panel planters come in a range of sizes to fit any space. We can custom make it as well if you require a different size vertical wall planter.

Vertical Veg pocket panels are well designed with good root development in mind – good roots give good healthy plants! The pockets are large and easy to fill with planting soil medium. (Pick up a handy soil Scoop on our webshop when purchasing a panel.)

The fabric allows the roots to breathe, and being semi-porous any excess water will just drain away – so no over-watering of your plants ever again!

Vertical Garden Planters

Hanging up your vertical garden planter is a breeze with Vertical Veg pocket panels as they have strategically placed eyelets along the top and the sides. You can cable tie the pocket panel to a trellis or a frame or just use hooks through the eyelets to hang from the top of the wall – and voila! your vertical vegetable garden is ready to be planted.

If you have a brick wall, we recommend that you mount the panel onto a wooden frame and then mount the frame onto the wall – that way you will not put so many holes into your wall and your Vertical Veg wall planter will be well secured. (See our instruction videos on our website.)

For planting up your vertical wall garden we suggest you use a potting medium that is suitable for the plants you wish to grow. Veggies, succulents and plants like ferns will require different soil mixes. Check with your nursery what is best for each.

Vertical Garden Planters
Vertical Garden Planters
Vertical Garden Planters

For a vertical vegetable garden, a good, rich potting soil or a mixture of potting soil and compost (in a ratio of 2:1), is advisable as veggies are quite heavy feeders. You can interplant your chosen vertical veggies with edible flowers, which bring colour and contrast to the vertical wall garden. (Follow the video links on our website on How to Plant up a Vertical Veg Pocket Panel).

For a living wall, garden choose plants that will trail and cover the pocket panels fully. This will create a completely green wall with time.

The vertical wall garden can be incorporated into an existing irrigation system or you can create one just for the vertical wall planters themselves. Drip irrigation works very well – a system that runs for a few minutes a few times a day will keep your pocket panels moist enough for the plants’ requirements. Gravity takes the water from top to bottom so the lower rows need drippers that are slower than those at the top of the vertical garden planter.

If you water your hanging wall garden by hand, please remember to do it very regularly as the fabric pocket panels will dry out faster than a plastic pot.

Happy planting of your vertical vegetable garden!! And remember that the more you harvest the more the plants will grow.

For more hints, tips and recipes of vertical wall garden produce, simply visit our website or stay up to date with all the latest happenings on our social channels.

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